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Premiums, payments and cashback

Find out more about your premiums, payments or cashback with our helpful guides. 

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How do you work out my health insurance renewal premium?

We calculate your renewal premiums by taking into account your age, the base medical inflation rate and any claims you’ve made. We also look at your Vitality status. We call this ABC and any increase in your renewal premium will be the sum of these. You can find out how to keep your premiums low here.

How can I get discounted life insurance premiums?

You could get up to 40% discount on your life insurance premiums by adding Optimiser to your plan.

Is it a struggle to pay for your insurance?

Your insurance is here to help you stay protected. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you stay insured. If you're struggling, our Cost of Living page can give you more help and support.

As a health or life member, you can update your payment details in your Member Zone. You can also view your monthly Direct Debit payments for Apple Watch and/or Amazon Prime there. 

I’m a health member

Your payment details are used for cashback and claim reimbursements. 

I'm a life member

Your bank details are for plan premiums and cashback from Vitality Programme partners. Any annual cashback is paid into the account your plan premiums come from. 

I have an Apple Watch

When you apply for the Apple Watch benefit, you set up a 36-month credit agreement and Direct Debit with etika Finance UK Limited. This means etika are responsible for taking your Direct Debits. You can track how much you’ll pay in the Member Zone or the Vitality Member app.

I have Amazon Prime

If you’re an existing member and have a Prime membership with Vitality, you set up a 12-month credit agreement and Direct Debit with etika Finance UK Limited. This will be a maximum of 10 monthly payments of £7.90. This means etika are also responsible for taking your Direct Debits. Sign into your etika account to see your balance and payment history.

How do I get Vitality Waitrose & Partners cashback?

Once you’ve set up your Waitrose & Partners account with Vitality, you will start earning cashback. The rate for this is based on your previous month’s activity points.   
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Message one of our agents on WhatsApp. We’re available 24/7. 

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