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How we work out your health insurance renewal premium

Fair, intuitive and transparent pricing

We have a unique approach to calculating your renewal premium, that we call ABC. 

This means we take the following into account when calculating your renewal premium:

A - your Age
B - the Base rate increase
C - an adjustment for the Claims you have made and your Vitality status. This is the part of your renewal premium that you can control.

The increase in your renewal premium will be the sum of these three items: A+B+C.
How Age affects your premium

As it is more likely you will need to claim as you get older, your premium will rise each year to take account of this.

How the Base rate increase affects your premium

The base rate increase takes into account the change in what hospitals and other providers charge for their services, including the cost of advances in medical technology and drugs. Where you live and your level of cover can also affect the base rate increase. 

How Claims affect your premium

We look at the amount paid out in claims over the preceding plan year for everyone on your plan. If you only make a small claim, or no claims at all, you’ll receive a lower increase.

How Vitality status affects your premium

Regardless of whether you make a claim, increasing your Vitality status can reduce the increase to your premium.

With us, you earn Vitality points for doing healthy things, like having a yearly health check and tracking your daily activity – walking, running, cycling, swimming or going to the gym.

The more points you earn, the higher your Vitality status, the bigger the rewards and the lower your premium can be. Here’s how many points you need for each status when there is one adult on the plan:

Vitality points and status   

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

How much will my premium rise due to age?

Typically this will be around 3%, but can be higher or lower than this depending on your age.

How much will the premium rise due to the base rate increase?

The base rate increase tends to be higher than overall inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is due to advances in medical treatment that mean more conditions can be treated than ever before. In the last few years, the base rate increase has typically been between 6% and 9%. However, it could be higher or lower in the future, and can vary depending on where you live and your level of cover.

How are your renewal premiums unique?

We think our approach to renewal pricing is more fair, intuitive and transparent than the traditional no-claims discount as it means that you receive a lower increase if you only make a small claim, whilst still being rewarded for a healthy lifestyle.

Will I keep my no-claims discount if I switch to Vitality from another insurer?

Our Switch & Save pricing considers any existing no-claims discount. This means if you have a no-claims discount, we'll take this into account when we calculate your starting price.

When will you calculate my renewal premium?

We'll calculate your renewal premium two months before your plan is due to renew, using the highest Vitality status you've achieved, either in your current or previous plan year.

In your first plan year, we’ll calculate the total amount we’ve paid in claims for you (and any insured dependants) during your first ten months of cover. In each plan year after that, we’ll calculate the total we’ve paid in claims for you (and any insured dependants) for the last two months of the previous plan year, as well as the first ten months of the current plan year.

Do all claims affect renewal premiums or are some excluded?

Claims paid under the following plan benefits won’t affect your renewal premium:

  • Primary Care Benefit, including consultations with a Vitality GP or private GP on our provider panel
  • Prescription charges or minor diagnostic tests ordered by a Vitality GP or private GP on our provider panel
  • NHS Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Childbirth Cash Benefit
  • Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover (if you have this benefit)
  • Worldwide Travel Cover (if you have this benefit).

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