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Feature Description Comprehensive Cover Primary Cover Short Term
Minimum term   5 years 5 years 5 years
Maximum term   54 years 54 years 54 years
Min entry age next birthday   17 17 17
Max age next birthday   60 60 60
Max expiry age/date (not applicable to whole of life)   Age 70 exactly Age 70 exactly Age 70 exactly
Maximum benefit payment period How long we pay out while you can't work. Up to the end of benefit term Up to the end of benefit term 2 years per cause of claim
Maximum monthly benefit The maximum we'll pay you each month if you claim. Lower of: 60% of earnings to £5,000 p.m. and 50% thereafter capped at £16,666p.m. Lower of: 60% of earnings up to £5,000 p.m. and 50% thereafter capped at £10,000 p.m. Lower of: 60% of earnings up to  £5,000 p.m. and 50% thereafter capped at £10,000 p.m.
Guaranteed income Verify your earnings when you apply and we'll guarantee your agreed monthly income when you claim. Guaranteed benefit amount up to £1,500 a month. Verify your earning at any time during the first six months to guarantee up to £8,000 a month. 
Discounts and rewards Access to a range of healthy rewards that help you get more out of life. See discounts and rewards available.
Permanent disability increase Increase benefit by 10% if you become permanently disabled.

Recovery benefit Amount of money you can use for medical support, assisted care and educational support. Up to £2,000 Up to £1,000 Up to £1,000
 Hospitalisation Benefit  New benefit that pays out £100 per day when a customer is hospitalised for more than 6 days.   £100 per day for up to 90 days    
Back to work benefit Portion of monthly benefit amount you’ll get on returning to work. (For 7 days and 1 month deferred periods the benefit is payable at our discretion.)
1st month – 50%
2nd month– 25%
1st month – 25%
2nd month– 10%
1st month – 25%
2nd month– 10%
Rehabilitation and Proportionate benefit
Proportionate benefit amount you’ll get if you begin working again, whether in your own job or another.
Waiver of Income Protection Cover premiums Waiver of Income Protection Cover premium if you claim.
Waiver of premium on incapacity Waiver of VitalityLife Plan premiums if you claim. Always included on the plan
Option to add to plan
Option to add to plan
Houseperson cover
Limited benefit available to those who do not earn an income. Benefit may be increased by £100 for each child dependant up to a maximum increase of £300.
Deferred period options The period before we start paying your benefit. Chosen when you set up your plan.
Seven days (only if self-employed)
One month
Two months
Three months
Six months
Twelve months

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