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Personalised Return on Investment reports now available to employers

1 July 2021
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Personalised Return on Investment reports now available to employers to help calculate value of employee health insurance and wellbeing scheme 

1st July 2021 – Vitality has today announced that UK businesses will now be able to receive a free, comprehensive - yet easily digestible - report that illustrates the value they can expect from introducing Vitality Health Insurance into their business and engaging employees with the Vitality Programme1.

The report, which enables businesses to quantify the tangible benefits that the Vitality Programme can provide, will also detail the health and wellbeing initiatives most likely to improve their business alongside information on how their business compares to similar companies in their industry.   

Businesses will be able to gain access to their personalised report in five minutes by using Vitality’s Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator2 and completing just four questions about their business.

The calculator, available to both current and prospective Vitality clients, analyses the impact of the Vitality Programme on key health and lifestyle areas such as physical activity, smoking and nutrition, along with its impact on clinical risk factors including: blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and BMI. Improvement in each of these risk factors can be associated with positive impacts on individuals’ health (resulting in higher life expectancy), workplace health-related productivity and job satisfaction.

Novo Nordisk, a leading UK pharmaceutical company which drives change to defeat diabetes, obesity, rare blood and endocrine disorders, saw that over a five year period of engaging with the Vitality Programme, the proportion of employees doing less than the recommended amount of physical activity3 improved by 50%; 43% of those not eating their recommended daily portion of fruit and vegetables are now eating at least five portions per day4; and in addition, employees also reduced the estimated health-related productivity loss by 11 days per year (after three years). 

Pippa Andrews, Director of Corporate Business at Vitality said: “We’ve always known the positive impact that the Vitality Programme has on workforces and businesses alike, but now – through the Return on Investment Calculator – we can show companies its value in real-terms.

“The past year has been extraordinary and challenging for all and – with many adapting to new ways of working – never before has it been more important for companies to understand the health and wellbeing of their employees and put in place initiatives to help improve it.

“Our research has found that not only does the Vitality Programme benefit individual employees through increased health-related productivity levels, job satisfaction and even employee life expectancy – it also improves a company’s workplace culture and bottom line.”

The new tool is available now to businesses on the VitalityHealth business websites and to advisers via the online literature library or directly at  


Notes to editors

1. Vitality Programme enables employees to:
Better understand their health and ways to improve it through the Vitality Health Review 
Get healthier through a range discounted health-improving tools such as tracking devices
Get rewarded for healthy behaviour through a variety of incentives such as earning a weekly handcrafted drink at Caffé Nero

2. Vitality’s Return on Investment Calculator is a tool that uses a unique data set from Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey of over 30,000 companies and more than 100,000 Vitality members over a five year period to estimate the potential return on investment for companies who provide access to the Vitality Programme to their employees.

3. Based on the World Health Organisations recommendations: 
4. Based on NHS recommendations: 

For further information, please contact: