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 Monday 23 October 2017

Vitality motivates members to get more active with Apple Watch Series 3

Vitality today announces an extension to its Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch programme, which aims to promote physical activity and better health for its members. Vitality Active Rewards provides members with incentives for attaining weekly physical activity goals, which include Starbucks drinks and cinema tickets, as well as the ability to fund an Apple Watch.

Vitality members will now be able to get Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) and Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS) from just £29 and then fund the remaining balance by getting active, with the potential to reduce all future monthly payments to zero. Additionally, until December 31 2017, Vitality members will be able to get an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS 38mm) or Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS 38mm) for £0 and pay nothing more if they stay active.

Vitality Active Rewards is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch Series 3. Members can track their activity via Apple Watch Series 3 to earn Vitality points, which influences the funding of the Apple Watch. They can also receive notifications to their Apple Watch Series 3 when they unlock Vitality Active Rewards, which include weekly Starbucks drinks and cinema tickets.

The Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch programme was launched in the UK in September 2016 and brought together the world’s largest scientific incentive-based activity and health programme, Vitality, with Apple Watch, the world’s most popular smartwatch.

The programme is underpinned by Vitality’s ‘Shared Value Insurance’ model, which incentivises members to make healthy lifestyle choices for the benefit of both their own long-term health, and society as a whole. The model relies on a strong actuarial, behavioural economic and clinical capability to deliver sustained health and lifestyle improvements over time.

Vitality has already seen evidence of positive behaviour change amongst members who have activated the Apple Watch benefit. Since the launch of the programme, those members who activated the benefit increased their physical activity by an average of 45%. This experience is consistent with the behaviour change experienced in other markets (China, the United States, South Africa) where the benefit has also been launched.

Neville Koopowitz, CEO of Vitality, said: “Encouraging our members to be active is integral to the Vitality programme. Being active has a profoundly positive effect on a person’s health and productivity and also leads them to improve other lifestyle behaviours, such as nutrition. Through the Active Rewards with Apple Watch programme we have seen significant increases in the amount of activity our members are doing and, importantly, many previously sedentary members have now become active. We are therefore very proud to extend and enhance the programme with the introduction of Apple Watch Series 3.”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) will be available on Vitality Active Rewards later this year. 

For further information about the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch programme, please visit: