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19 February 2019

Vitality partners with DocTap to extend its London Face-to-Face GP service

Vitality today announces that it has added new GP partner DocTap to its Greater London Face-to-Face GP service, extending the network’s coverage and adding access to a mole checking service too.

DocTap’s 12 clinics take the network total to over 30. Members in the London area, where the insurer has a large amount of its membership based, now have more opportunities to see a GP in person, with none of the wait, at a reduced rate. Vitality will be considering how it can extend the network beyond London over time.

The partnership with DocTap also brings to members the facility within each clinic for dermascope checking for suspicious moles or lesions, which can then be assessed by a dermatologist after the GP consultation.

Use of the Vitality Face-to-Face GP is ideal where someone needs to see a doctor in person and comes at a time when two in five (42.5%) patients indicate a preference for same day appointments, yet one in four (23.8%) are having to wait a week or more1.

Members pay a £20 upfront payment each time they book a face-to-face consultation and Vitality covers the rest. Individuals can make bookings by logging in to their Member Zone and accessing the DocTap booking platform.

Those on Vitality’s London Care hospital list get unlimited face-to-face GP visits. Those who choose the provider’s Consultant Select plan, or the Local or Countrywide hospital lists receive two face-to-face GP visits each plan year.

The face-to-face GP service is offered alongside the Vitality GP app, available to all VitalityHealth members and providing video GP consultations, onward consultant referrals if needed, access to physical and psychological therapy sessions, plus practical wellness tips and health information.

Dan Faber, DocTap Co-Founder & CEO, comments: “DocTap are delighted to have partnered with Vitality for GP services. We’ve been so impressed from the outset at their genuine desire to improve the health of their members.

“As well as discounted GP appointments, Vitality members qualify for up to £100 of blood tests or investigations per year, in addition to same day checking of any suspicious moles or lesions. Should the GP decide that the member needs to see a specialist consultant, Vitality are automatically notified so that the referral can be arranged without delay.

“We look forward to continuing to innovate with Vitality to provide the most convenient and highest quality primary care in the UK.”

Dr Dawn Richards, Medical Affairs Director at Vitality, adds: “The primary care market is rapidly evolving in line with patient needs and these features, alongside the enhancements made to the Vitality GP app last year, demonstrate our commitment to continued innovation in this space.”

1. GP Patient Survey, National Report, Ipsos MORI, August 2018