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17th June 2019

VitalityLife announces claims and benefits statistics

  • £56.3m paid in claims during 2018
  • 99.8% of Life claims paid
  • 97.8% of Income Protection claims paid
  • 91.2% of Serious Illness Cover claims paid
  • More than £81m given back to members through a range of rewards and benefits

17th June 2019 (London) – VitalityLife today published its Claims and Benefits Report, which shows it paid out a record £56.3m in claims during 2018 with 99.8% of Life, 97.8% of Income Protection and 91.2% of Serious Illness Cover claims paid. In total 1,417 claims were paid across all products.

For the second year, VitalityLife has combined annual claims information with statistics on the benefits that members gain by engaging, both in terms of a reduced likelihood of making a claim on their Life Cover and the value from Vitality partner rewards and benefits. More than £81m was given back to members through a range of benefits and rewards, such as discounted health screens and gym memberships, and activity devices, coffees and Amazon Prime membership.

VitalityLife claims paid 2018

Product Amount paid in 2018 % paid claims
 Life and Terminal Illness  £35,492,397  99.8%
 Income Protection  £421,803  97.8%
 Serious Illness  £20,393,940  91.2%
 Total  £56.3m  96.3%

VitalityLife has seen that health and wellness management is correlated with a lower incidence in claims for members. Over the past five years, members who engaged in the Vitality Healthy Living Programme had a substantially lower incidence of Life Cover claims across all age groups compared to those who didn’t engage.

Deepak Jobanputra, Deputy CEO at VitalityLife, said: “Vitality’s core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. We recognise the impact of illness, injury and other events on our members’ lives, and we aim to be there for them during times of real need.

“There are numerous examples where the comprehensive cover provided by our protection products has made a real difference in the lives of our members and their families. This cover is coupled with our unique Shared-Value Insurance Model that helps encourage our members to lead a healthier lifestyle which helps them live longer and delays the onset of illnesses. This approach creates additional economic value which we can share with our members in the form of benefits and rewards.

“Our latest report demonstrates how shared value operates in a life insurance context, and highlights the comprehensive cover, benefits and rewards enjoyed by our members.”

Emma Walker, LifeSearch Chief Marketing Officer, said: “While the numbers are strong, the real development here lies in the report that comes with them. It is engaging, customer focused and sets the bar for claims reporting going forward. It’s great that insurers are continuing to publish their statistics and all protection insurers should continue to do so, including the closed books. But to move forward it needs to be about much more than percentages and run of the mill numbers, and reports like this from Vitality are a good step in the right direction.”

Top 10 categories for a Serious Illness Cover claim

Ranking Female Male
1 Cancer Cancer
2 Stroke & Nervous System Heart & Artery
3 Heart & Artery Stroke & Nervous System
4 Family Benefit Family Benefit
5 Respiratory Diseases Respiratory Diseases
6 Permanent Disability Gastrointestinal Disease
7 Connective Tissue Diseases Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases
8 Gastrointestinal Disease Eye
 9 Musculoskeletal Trauma Permanent Disability
10 Eye Urogenital Tract & Kidney

Other statistics from claims and benefits paid in 2018:

  • 7% of Serious Illness Cover claims paid in 2018 were for conditions that are unique to Vitality.
  • More than 41 million healthy activities were tracked by members.
  • Over 5.8 million Active Rewards have been awarded to members.
  • 85% of Life Cover claims were for members aged 50 years and over. In contrast, 76% of Serious Illness Cover claims and 90% of Income Protection claims were for members under the age of 50.
  • The youngest member claimed for under Serious Illness Cover for Children was one month old. The claim was due to a cardiac abnormality.
  • The youngest member claimed for under Life Cover was aged 21. They passed away due to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.
  • The youngest adult member who claimed under Serious Illness Cover was aged 23. They claimed due to a stroke.
  • The oldest member claimed for under Life Cover was aged 89. They passed away due to cardiac arrest.

View VitalityLife’s Claims and Benefits Report 2018