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14 October 2020

VitalityLife revamps underwriting process

VitalityLife has today announced changes to its underwriting process which will reduce the time taken to get underwriting decisions, improving the efficiency of the underwriting process, and making it simpler to take out a protection policy with Vitality.

Vitality’s underwriting revamp sees two main changes which are being rolled out this month. Firstly, the introduction of Vitality’s Evidence Analyser, which will enable Vitality’s nurses to upload the results of member blood tests to the newly developed Evidence Analyser during the VitalityLife nurse screening, which can be booked Monday to Saturday. The Evidence Analyser will interpret the results and provide an underwriting decision within minutes without the need for an underwriter to manually review the nurse screening results.

Vitality is also introducing its VitalityLife Pre-Sales tool, which will provide advisers with immediate access to the likely underwriting decision for their clients. They will be able to discover whether a client would be accepted and whether they would receive a standard or rated rate, at any time - day or night. This new innovative tool - which has been developed with Munich Re Automation Solutions (MRAS), an expert in insuretech solutions - is entirely digital and will therefore require no telephonic contact with underwriters in order to acquire an underwriting decision.

Vitality is also committing to making underwriting decisions within one working day, improving access to underwriting with decisions available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, in addition to ensuring easier access to its underwriters by providing advisers with the option to discuss feedback on all cases.

These changes are in addition to the other improvements VitalityLife has made to its life insurance proposition, which include introducing a simpler product structure and enabling all members access to the Vitality Select Programme where they can access tools and incentives to help them live healthier lives, as well as access to rewards for doing so.

John Downes, Director of Underwriting at VitalityLife, said: “We are always looking to create a more efficient and better underwriting experience for advisers and members alike so we are thrilled to be able to announce these new changes today.

“By introducing the VitalityLife Pre-Sales tool for advisers and Evidence Analyser as part of the screening process, we are able to significantly cut down the time it takes to receive an underwriting decision, making the process much more efficient and ultimately giving more time back to advisers.

“Our improved underwriting forms part of our overall approach to making our Life offering simpler and easier for advisers. We believe that these underwriting changes coupled with better access to rewards and the tools and incentives to live healthier lives will make VitalityLife an even stronger proposition.”

John Nelmes, Director of Cavendish Online Ltd, said: “The changes announced today by Vitality, in addition to those recently made to its protection offering, show Vitality focusing on creating a sleek process for advisers and consumers alike.

“The new system is particularly both simple and smooth to use and quickly provides a good indication of Vitality’s underwriting. As a result advisers can feel confident in quoting them to clients.”


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