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Caffe Nero FAQs

Coffee at Home frequently asked questions

To be eligible for the reward, you must have one of the following plans:

  • Any personal health insurance plan
  • Any business health insurance plan, excluding Vitality at Work and Essentials plans
  • Any corporate healthcare plan or Healthcare Trust with Vitality Plus
  • Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus, Vitality Optimiser or Wellness Optimiser
  • Any Retirement Plan in drawdown with Vitality Plus.

If you earn 40 activity points between the first and last day of the calendar month, you’ll get a voucher for your coffee, and a voucher for 50% off on up to four other coffee products. Your vouchers will appear from 10th working day of the following month, in the ‘Wallet’ section of your Caffè Nero app. Simply select ‘Wallet’ in your navigation bar and then tap on ‘Vouchers.’ Browse your available vouchers by swiping left. All vouchers are sorted by expiry date.

No, your vouchers can be used independently.

You can get one single bag or box of the following products:

  • Ground coffee for filter
  • Whole coffee beans
  • Decaffeinated ground coffee
  • Ground coffee for espresso
  • Coffee capsules – Classico decaffeinated (10 capsules)
  • Coffee capsules – Classico original blend (10 capsules)
  • Coffee capsules – Peru (10 capsules)
  • Coffee capsules – Ethiopia (10 capsules)
  • Coffee capsules – Guatemala (10 capsules)
  • Coffee capsules – Napoletano (10 capsules).

Yes, however as a Vitality member you pay a discounted rate of £2.50 (standard P&P £3.50). If your order exceeds 2kg, the delivery fee will be higher.

You can redeem your voucher on a maximum of four items from the same range as your Coffee at Home voucher, any additional items added to your cart will be charged at full price.

Yes, however as a Vitality member you pay a discounted rate of £2.50 (standard P&P £3.50). If you use both your Coffee at Home and 50% Off Online vouchers at the same time, only one postage rate will apply. If your total order is above 2kg then the standard rate for this weight will apply (currently £6.99).

  • Visit (via the App or online)
  • Browse the store and add the items to your ‘Cart
  • Checkout via Yoyo, sign-in with the account details you registered with Vitality and Caffè Nero and your vouchers will be visible on the Payment Approval page
  • Click ‘Add Voucher’ and then select the voucher(s) you wish to use. The order will be discounted and you can continue to pay. 
Please note you will need to checkout with the payment card linked to your Caffè Nero/Yoyo account.
Your voucher will be valid until the last day of the month it is awarded in. You can see the expiry date on the voucher in the Caffè Nero app.