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General health conditions

As a Vitality member you have access to a range of excellent resources to keep your general health in check.

Already have a referral?

Please note, you don't need a referral to access physiotherapy or mental health care through Vitality.
If you do have a referral, log in to Member Zone to start a care request.
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Preventing health conditions

To find out what you can access with your plan, log into Member Zone to visit your Healthy Living page. You may be able to use:

  • Benefits and rewards from our Healthy Living partners to help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Self-care tools to manage specific health conditions at home, like asthma or IBS.
  • An annual Vitality Healthcheck to check your blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and BMI.
  • An annual Bluecrest Health Assessment if you want a full health check.
  • Optical, dental and hearing tests and kit, if you added that cover to your plan.

Access care

Here's how you can access care from Vitality for any health condition

* If you need a treatment referral and you’re not in an area with Vitality Face-to-Face GPs available, please book an appointment with your local NHS GP.

We also have a set of specialist health condition pages to get you to the help you need, straight away:

More info

Some of the people who may help you get back to health

Admin staff 

Trained to provide support to both clinical and non-clinical staff. Admin staff make sure your medical records are up-to-date during your treatment. 


Specialists in giving anaesthesia to you if you need a procedure or operation. They are also trained in intensive care medicine and pain management. 

Clinical assistants  

Healthcare providers who assist doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver care. They may be consultants in a particular type of care. Some have special qualifications or professional registrations.  


Senior doctors that have trained in a specialised area of medicine. 


Nurses work in a team of healthcare professionals across a range of health conditions. They are often the main contact for you when you're receiving treatment. 


Medical doctors who specialise in diagnosing problems using medical imaging techniques, such as x-rays. 


Medically qualified doctors who perform operations. They usually specialise in dealing with a particular type of disease or injury.

Help and Support

Here’s a list of sources that provide reliable information, free advice lines and support:

  • Willow Foundation - Support for seriously ill young adults.
  • British Heart Foundation - The British Heart Foundation provide information on heart and circulatory diseases to help better understand and manage a condition.
  • Cardiomyopathy UK - Cardiomyopathy UK are a specialist national charity for people affected by cardiomyopathy. They provide support and information services, including help understanding your diagnosis and advice on how to live well.
  • Stroke Association - Specialist support for people who have experienced strokes, including how to live well, managing your risks and finding support.
  • MS Trust - The MS Trust support those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and their loved ones, including support with diet and exercise, family and relationships, finances, and even travel.
  • Diabetes UK - Diabetes UK offer expert advice for everyone affected by diabetes. This includes how to live well, preventing type 2 diabetes, and emotional wellbeing.

Independent information about private medical treatment

You can find independent information about the quality and cost of private treatment available from doctors and hospitals from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN).