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How to redeem your Rakuten TV voucher

Read our guide on how to redeem your movie voucher code.

Learn more about the Rakuten TV reward in Member Zone.

To receive the Rakuten TV benefit, you’ll need an eligible Vitality plan and to have completed your Health Review in the Member Zone.

Image of in-app shot of Rakuten TV rewards

Get your voucher code

We’ll send your one Rakuten TV at-home movie voucher code per week every Thursday, via the Vitality app.

>> From here, click COPY AND REDEEM 
Rakuten Vitality landing page

Visit the Rakuten TV Vitality landing page

You’ll go to the Rakuten TV Vitality landing page, which also includes step-by-step instructions on how to redeem your voucher. 


Image shot of Rakuten TV homepage

Choose your movie

Browse thousands of Rakuten TV movies on us – including new releases. Only selected Home Premiere movies aren’t included.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the main Rakuten TV page and choose your movie from here.

You can only redeem your voucher by logging into your Rakuten TV account on the Rakuten TV website. Please don’t enter your code on a device or on your TV.

Select the movie you want to watch by clicking on the thumbnail image of the item. 

Rakuten TV login page

Sign in to your Rakuten TV account

Sign in with your email address and password or register if you haven’t used Rakuten TV before.

>> Click SIGN IN
Image from Black Widow on Rakuten TV

Enter your voucher code

Enter your voucher code making sure you don’t enter any spaces before or after the code. 

Rakuten watch film

Watch your movie

Your movie is now ready and will be available for 48 hours. 

Whether you want to watch it on your smart TV or other device, log into your Rakuten TV account registered with Vitality and go to the ‘My Library’ section.