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Life insurance

  • Protect you and your family
  • Get rewarded when you look after your health
  • From £5 a month.

You can count on us to keep you covered

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance gives your loved ones a lump sum when you pass away or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Consider a life insurance policy if you have children or loved ones who are financially dependent on you.

They can use the money for anything, like paying off your mortgage and funeral costs.

Not sure if this is what you need? You may be interested in:

Income protection
Pays you a monthly income if you get sick or injured and can’t work. 

Serious illness cover
Get a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer.


Why our life insurance can be a life saver

We can help you protect your loved ones and live a longer, healthier life.


Get up to 40% off premiums

The healthier you are, the lower your premiums stay

Weekly rewards

Stay healthy with top rewards

Discounted gym memberships, spa breaks and weekly coffees

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Be protected for life

And boost cover later, like if you buy a house or have a child


Live with peace of mind

We paid 99.7% of life cover claims in 2023 (Vitality Claims and Benefits Report, 2024)

How does life insurance work?

It's not as scary as it sounds.

Piggy bank

Pay monthly

You can pay this via Direct Debit. Our life insurance starts from just £5 a month.

Document alert

Make a claim with us

If you pass away during your plan term, your loved ones will make a claim.


Your family get a lump sum

When the claim is approved. They could use this for anything, like paying off the mortgage.

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What are the different types of life insurance?

There are two types of life insurance policies - term life insurance and whole of life insurance.

The most popular and cheaper of the two is term life insurance, which covers you for between five and 70 years. If you pass away within the policy term, your loved ones get a lump sum.

Whole of life insurance lasts your whole life so your family get a guaranteed lump sum. The policy only ends when you pass away, so the monthly premiums are more expensive.

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How much money should you leave your family?

Have a think about how much:

  • Is left to pay off on your mortgage 
  • Other debts you need to pay off, like credit cards and loans
  • Money you’d need for childcare or education
  • Money your family may need to cover your funeral 
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How much does life insurance cost?

How much you pay for life insurance depends on things like:

  • How much cover you need e.g. to cover a mortgage or school fees
  • Your health and lifestyle, including previous conditions or smoking
  • Whether you have a high-risk job such as a firefighter 

Our life insurance starts from £5 a month and you get up to 40% off your premiums in the first year*.

Keep that great discount every year when you stay active.

*For plans with a monthly premium above £45 for a single plan, or above £60 for a joint plan - an extra £4.75 is charged to get the full range of rewards.
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Important policy documents

Personal Protection Plan Summary (PDF 189KB)

Personal Protection Plan Provisions (PDF 903KB)

Life insurance FAQs

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