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How to link your sensor 

Get set up in minutes to start earning rewards.

Let’s get started

Make sure you have your sensor to hand. It arrives by post within a week of your start date.

Download Vitality app

Download the app first

  • Download the Vitality UK app from your usual app store. That’s App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.
  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Register for Vitality with your membership number. You can find this at the top of most emails from us.

If you already have an account with us for another product, we'll add car to your app within 48 hours of purchase.

Turn on these three Drive settings in the app

Log in and follow the on-screen instructions to link your phone to the sensor.



Finds and links to your sensor


Location services

Automatically tells your app when you’ve started a trip


Motion activity

Measures your phone’s movement while you drive.

Still not working for you?  

If you’re having difficulty connecting the sensor and app, see our useful guide to fixing common issues.

Stick sensor to windscreen

Stick your sensor to your windscreen

Now you're linked, stick your sensor on the inside of your windscreen somewhere it doesn't block your view.

  • We recommend behind your rear-view mirror. Don’t attach it to the mirror itself.
  • Make sure your windscreen is clean. Just so it stays put after you attach it.
  • Peel back the two labels on the bottom of the sensor to reveal the sticky tabs. Then, press the sensor firmly against the windscreen for a few seconds until it sticks in place.

And that's it. When you're set up, simply take your first trip to earn your first reward.