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Good Driving sensor and Vitality Member app

How to link your sensor

  • Link and attach your sensor
  • Understand your trips
  • Earn Good Driving rewards
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Get started with your sensor

This guide will take you through how to link your sensor to the Vitality Member app. It will also tell you how and where to attach the sensor in your car and what to do if it's no longer recording your trips.

Once linked, you can understand your driving on your trips and get rewarded for your good driving.

First, download and log into the Vitality Member app

To understand your trips and track your Good Driving rewards, use the Vitality Member app.

If you haven't installed it onto your phone, check out the Vitality Member app page. It gives you the app store links to download it and tells you what you can do in the app.

The Vitality Member app uses the same login details as Member Zone. If you haven't used Member Zone yet, make sure you register for an account to be able to login to both.


Then, enable your smartphone settings

Once you've downloaded and installed the Vitality Member app, tap on 'Drive settings'. You can find it underneath your Good Driving dial on your app home screen.

Then, enable these settings on your smartphone:

  • Bluetooth
  • Motion activity
  • Location services

When you come to enable location services, you'll have some options to choose from. To record the length and time of your journey, you'll need to choose 'Always on'. You may need to adjust your phone's settings outside of the Vitality Member app. Your phone's operating system will prompt you if that's the case.

You can find out why you need to allow location services as 'always on' in the FAQs at the bottom of this page.


Link your sensor

Once your sensor has arrived in the post, link it to the Vitality Member app

  • Step one

    Link sensor step 2

    Place the sensor close to your smartphone

  • Step two

    Link sensor step 1

    Press and hold the button on the front of the sensor until the light flashes

  • Step three

    Link sensor step 4

    Check and confirm your sensor’s serial number – you can find it on the side of your sensor

Your sensor should now be linked

If it didn't work, please contact us and we'll help you get connected.

Attach your sensor to your windscreen

With your sensor now linked to the app, you now need to attach it to the inside of your car windscreen:
  • We recommend positioning your sensor behind your rear-view mirror. Please do not attach it to the mirror itself.
  • Ensure your windscreen is nice and clean so it stays put after you attach it!
  • Peel back the labels that are attached to the rear of the sensor and hold firmly against the windscreen for a few seconds... and you’re done.


Your Good Driving set-up is complete! 

You’re now ready for your first trip where you can understand and improve your driving. Plus, earn those Good Driving rewards.


More on Good Driving



You'll need to provide us additional details of any named drivers included on you plan, so they can help you earn points towards your Good Driving rewards. When they drive, all their trips go towards your weekly rewards and Good Driving status.

If they’re not added, it could have a negative impact on your ability to earn points – adding them is easy!

Once you’re set up, visit Member Zone to add their email address, home address and mobile number and we’ll send them an email on how to get started - add their details now.

They’ll be asked to download and register on the Vitality Member app, turn on drive settings and that’s it – the sensor will automatically link to their phone when they’re driving.
You can check your smartphone compatibility using our phone compatibility checker.

If your phone isn't compatible, it won't affect your cover. It just means that you won't be able to record your trips and earn Good Driving rewards.

We will update the phone compatibility list on a regular basis. So if you have a new phone and it's not in the list, we may not have added it yet.

You may need to adjust your phone's settings outside of the Vitality Member app to record your trips. These settings may differ depending on your phone make and model. See if you’re phone is set up correctly using our checklist.

Guide to Apple iPhone settings

Guide to Android phone settings

We use your phone's location services data to map your trips and estimate your car's speed. This is so we can reward your good driving and offset your carbon emissions.

Choosing 'always on' doesn't mean that your location data will always be on. It means that it will be on when the sensor links to your smartphone during a trip. This means you won't have to remember to open the Vitality Member app every time you take a trip.

We do not share your location data with any external third parties, except in the event of a serious impact. The sensor has an Impact Alert so we know to get you help in an accident.

For more information on how we use your data, you can read our Privacy Notice.

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If you’re having difficulty connecting the sensor and app, see our useful guide to fixing common issues.
You may need to replace your sensor with a new one if you detect a fault or the battery has died. Email us on and we’ll send a replacement to you in the post.

Where you need a replacement, we'll send you a new sensor in the post. Once its arrived, follow these steps to link your new sensor: 
  1. Remove your existing sensor from your windscreen. You can recycle it at your local recycling and refuse centre.
  2. Delink it from the Vitality Member app. Go to the More menu and tap 'Connections' to find your sensor to delink it.
  3. Then link your new sensor and attach it to the windscreen using the instructions on this page.