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Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you don’t have an Expedia account set up, you’ll need to provide your name, contact number and email address to create an account when you book a hotel.

You can sign up here for an Expedia account.

No, but the higher your Vitality status, the better your Expedia discount will be. See the ‘What is my Expedia discount?’ section on the Expedia Member Zone page for details. Find out how to earn activity points with our guide

Yes, the minimum spend before the discount is £10 – this excludes any taxes, fees or additional costs. The Expedia discount will apply to the first £750 spend before taxes and charges.

The number of bookings each plan year will depend on your Vitality status, but is between one and four bookings. Vitality Plus members have four bookings regardless of status.

No, the Expedia discount can’t be used for a booking that’s already been made. You can only fully redeem the discount once you’ve made an eligible booking by clicking the ‘Book now’ link on the Member Zone page.

No, the Expedia discount applies only to one room per booking. For example, if you book three rooms, the discount will only apply to one of the three rooms, not to all rooms.

The Expedia discount is only available for prepaid hotels. Pay-at-the-property hotels, which are paid for at the destination, are not included in this offer. Your discount will be applied to the best available rate as advertised on Expedia and after any Expedia Rewards discounts have been applied.

The Expedia discount is only available to book prepay, stand-alone hotels. You can’t use the discount in combination with any other products, such as a hotel plus a flight.

Accept the terms and conditions and consent to sharing your Vitality membership number and hotel booking details, and then click the 'Book now' link on the Member Zone Expedia page. This will take you to the Expedia website, where you can select your hotel. When you reserve your hotel, you’ll be prompted to choose the payment type, you must choose the prepaid option. Once at checkout your discount coupon will appear in a drop down box. In the drop down box, select the apply button, enter your Vitality membership number and your discount will be applied. This is on the best available rate from Expedia after any offers and Expedia rewards discount before taxes and fees.

If you navigate away from the booking page once your discount coupon is displayed but you haven’t made a booking, your discount coupon will disappear. Either make a note of it, or start your booking again using the link on the Vitality Member Zone page.
As the future is difficult to predict due to Covid-19, you may want to search for hotels offering free cancellation. Not all Expedia hotels offer this perk. It's important to double-check each hotel. If you see the hotel is marked ‘free cancellation’, then you can assume that you'll be able to call off the trip if your circumstances change. Read Expedia’s coronavirus travel FAQs.
We don't want you to be left without options. Situations around the world change quickly, and sometimes that means postponing our travel plans or changing them. As long as you make sure that you book with the option to cancel, you'll be protecting your wallet.