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Joining your Vitality GP consultation

Preparing for your consultation

There are a few things you can do before your video appointment starts.

To make sure you have the best possible experience, we recommend you:

  • Find somewhere private and quiet to talk
  • Check your internet connection is stable
  • Charge your battery
  • Try to use headphones with a microphone
  • Turn on notifications to get all your reminders
  • Have a pen and paper to hand in case you need to write anything down
  • Make sure you know, or have a list of all the medications you’re currently taking, as this may be important
  • If you’ve had any recent tests or investigations, such as a blood test or x-ray, and know you have the results let the GP know
  • Let the GP know if you have any known allergies
  • If you have any known conditions, such as diabetes, let the GP know
  • Make sure you've given permission for the app to access your camera and microphone
  • Find a place where you can get a strong 4G or Wi-Fi signal.
Log in to Vitality GP

Step 1

Log back into the Vitality GP app

Open the Vitality GP app on your phone.

You can log in using your Vitality Member Zone username and password.

Remember to sign into the Vitality GP app a few minutes before your appointment starts. We’ll send you a notification to remind you to sign in.

Please note, the following app screens may differ if you are a Vitality Essentials member
Starting consultation

Step 2

Starting your consultation

Your doctor will video call you in the app at the time of your appointment.

Tap ‘Accept’ to begin your consultation.

Share your feedback

Step 3

Share your feedback

After your consultation's finished, we'll ask you the following questions about your experience:

  • How was your experience out of 5 stars?
  • Did you get help with your problem?
  • Did you use Vitality GP instead of seeking physical care?
  • An optional add comment box.

After your consultation

Depending on your symptoms and plan benefits, the Vitality GP may:

  • Provide clinical advice and guidance
  • Arrange a follow-up video consultation
  • Issue a private prescription
  • Refer you for certain minor diagnostic tests
  • Refer you for physiotherapy via our Priority Physio network
  • Refer you to our Mental Health Panel
  • Refer you to a specialist through our panel of consultants
  • Advise you to contact your NHS GP if further treatment is required, which is not covered on your plan, or if they feel this maybe the better option for your ongoing care
  • Advise you to contact VitalityHealth for confirmation of cover. If you need to contact us, please let us know that you’ve already spoken to a Vitality GP.

Vitality GP support guides

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