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Where to find your myWaitrose number

You'll need your myWaitrose number when signing up for the Vitality reward. Read our guide on the places you can find this below.

What is the Waitrose & Partners reward?

The Waitrose & Partners reward makes it easier for you to make healthy food choices and encourages you to stay active, because the more active you are, the bigger the savings you can make when shopping at Waitrose & Partners online or in-store.
Learn more about the Waitrose & Partners reward.

To receive the Waitrose & Partners reward, you’ll need an eligible Vitality plan and to have completed your Health Review in the Member Zone.

Where you can find your myWaitrose membership number:

myWaitrose card

On your myWaitrose card

Once you have received your myWaitrose card in the post, you can locate your 16-digit membership number on the back of the card.

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Download the Waitrose & Partners app from the App Store or the Google Play

Once installed, log in to your Waitrose & Partners account and tap the ‘more’ button in the bottom right of the screen.

Here, tap ‘myWaitrose card’ – and your 16-digit myWaitrose membership number will be displayed.
myWaitrose number on laptop

Online at

Sign in to Waitrose and navigate to the ‘My Account’ link located in the top right hand corner.

On this page, click on the ‘myWaitrose’ section, here you will be shown a digital version of your card displaying your 16-digit membership number.

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