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Waitrose & Partners frequently asked questions

About the reward

We’ve partnered with Waitrose & Partners to reward you with between 10% and  40% cashback on selected Good Health food when you get active. You can receive cashback on up to £100 of healthy food spend a month – or £200 for joint or family plans.
Cashback varies depending on how many Vitality activity points you earn each month and the number of eligible plans you have.

You can get up to 25% off Waitrose & Partners Good Health food if you have:
  • Any personal health insurance plan
  • Any business health insurance excluding Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work
  • Any corporate health insurance plan or Healthcare Trust with Vitality Plus
  • Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus.
You can get up to 40% off Waitrose & Partners Good Health food if you have:
  • Any eligible health insurance plan listed above
  • A life insurance plan with Vitality Plus.
Yes. To receive the cashback reward you’ll need to sign up for a myWaitrose account and let us know your myWaitrose membership number, so we can link it to your Vitality account.

Don’t have a Waitrose & Partners account? Sign up here.
Yes. In order to claim cashback, you’ll need to have earned at least 40 Vitality activity points in the previous month to get the minimum 10% cashback on Good Health products.

Get active and earn more points to be rewarded with a better cashback rate:
Monthly Activity Points Cashback rate for ONE eligible plan Cashback rate for TWO eligible plans
0 - 39 0% 0%
40 - 79 10% 15%
80 - 119 15% 20%
120 - 159 20% 30%
160+ 25% 40%
Find out how you can earn activity points.
Waitrose & Partners guarantee that every product carrying the Good Health label provides a clear nutritional benefit, helping you to get the vitamins, minerals and healthier fats that are important as part of a balanced, healthy diet. 

Good Health products must also meet strict criteria based on current government guidelines for fat, saturated fat, added sugar and salt – so you won’t see any red traffic lights, aside from where the fats and sugars are naturally occurring, such as in nuts or dried fruit.

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Look out for the label when shopping online or in-store, as these are the products that you’ll receive cashback on.

All drinks in the Good Health range, with the exception of milk and milk substitutes, are excluded.
Tracking in the Member Zone will come shortly. You’ll still be able to shop based on your activity last month. Your current cashback rate will be based on last month’s activity points. 

If you’d like to work out your current rate for this month, take a look at your Vitality points statement and filter by last month.
No. The cashback reward is available on all food products in the Waitrose & Partners Good Health range. All drinks, with the exception of milk and milk substitutes, are excluded.

Browse the Good Health range on the Waitrose & Partners website
Yes. Waitrose & Partners vouchers and existing offers will be accepted alongside the Healthy Food cashback, which will be applied to the total spend on Good Health products after these vouchers or offers have been redeemed.
No. Vitality points cannot be earned for buying healthy food at Waitrose & Partners.

Learn more about the other ways you can earn Vitality points.


The cashback reward does not apply to delivery charges and only applies to food items from the Waitrose & Partners Good Health Range.

From 9 September 2021, there will be a small charge for picking, packing and delivering orders. You’ll be able to see the fee on the delivery slot booking page, and it will be added to your total when you check out. Find out more here. You won't be charged for delivery on orders placed before the 9 September 2021. Click & Collect online orders of £40 or more will remain free.
Waitrose & Partners offer a delivery service across England, Scotland and Wales. To find out if Waitrose & Partners can deliver to your area, visit their Branch Finder page.