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Updating your myWaitrose surname

You'll need the surnames on your myWaitrose account and Vitality account need to match in order to sign up for the reward

What is the Waitrose & Partners reward?

The Waitrose & Partners reward makes it easier for you to make healthy food choices and encourages you to stay active, because the more active you are, the bigger the savings you can make when shopping at Waitrose & Partners online or in-store.
Learn more about the Waitrose & Partners reward.

To receive the Waitrose & Partners reward, you’ll need an eligible Vitality plan and to have completed your Health Review in the Member Zone.

Waitrose & Partners

Check your surname with Waitrose & Partners

Sign in to and navigate to the ‘My Account’ page.

From here you will have an option to view and edit your ‘Personal details’.

You should now see your surname on this screen, to edit your surname click the pencil icon.

Check your surname with Vitality

Go to the ‘My details’ page within the Vitality Member Zone and your full name will be displayed at the top of the page.

If you need to update the surname for your Vitality account please contact us.

For VitalityHealth: 0345 602 3523 
Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

For VitalityLife: 0345 601 0072 
Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 6pm
Friday: 8.30am - 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed  

Please note: If you update your surname or have done so recently it may take a few days for the update to appear in the Waitrose & Partners sign-up journey.

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