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Vitality Active Reward

Earn a 12 month Amazon Prime membership

Join Vitality on a qualifying plan and get active to earn an Amazon Prime membership.

You’ll need to set up a 12 month, 0% APR consumer credit agreement with etika Finance UK Ltd to get started. Amazon Prime terms and conditions apply.

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Send, stream and shop with an Amazon Prime membership

Like next day delivery? Love an Amazon Prime membership when could you pay nothing towards it. At Vitality, our goal is to help our members get healthier. So when you buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan, and get active, you could earn 12 months Amazon Prime membership.
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Log in to Member Zone to find out if you qualify for the Amazon Prime deal.

If you have an existing etika Finance UK Ltd agreement, add your Prime loan application to your existing account otherwise it could be declined.

If you want to link your Amazon Prime account to Vitality, our Amazon Prime support guides can help.

How does the Amazon Prime deal work?

  • Step 1: Join Vitality

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    Buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan. 

  • Step 2: Log into Member Zone

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    Complete your Health Review. Set up a 12 month, 0% APR consumer credit agreement with etika. Get your Amazon Prime voucher code and link your Amazon Prime account to Vitality.

  • Step 3: Get rewarded with an Amazon Prime membership

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    Get active and earn 160+ Vitality activity points each month, and you’d pay nothing.  If you don’t reach 160 activity points in a month, we’ll take a payment of £7.90 the following month, and in subsequent months, up to a maximum of 10 instalments equalling £79 towards your Prime membership.

You shop. Amazon delivers.

Whether you’re looking to get your hands on the next bestselling novel, or you want to try out that new yoga mat, Amazon Prime is a one stop shop for whatever you need. Your Amazon Prime membership will include:

✓ Unlimited Premium Delivery
✓ Unlimited music streaming
✓ Unlimited photo storage
✓ Unlimited reading.

Amazon Prime FAQs

Any private health insurance plan.

Any small business health insurance plan.

Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality, with Vitality Plus benefits.

Any life insurance plan with a minimum monthly premium of £45 for a single plan or £60 for a joint plan, provided you add Vitality Plus for £4.75 per month.

The Amazon Prime reward is available to one Vitality member per household. You must be 18 years old and over. The deal can’t be applied to an Amazon Business or Prime Student account.
You need 160+ activity points per month.

Say you tracked 40 activity points in May, you can roll them over to June. Then, you can put those points towards the 160 you’ll need so you don’t have to pay anything for that month. Here’s an example of how it works:

Stanley takes out a qualifying plan. He buys a compatible activity tracker and takes out the Prime membership reward, with £0 to pay upfront. After completing his Health Review in month one, by month two he’s tracking his steps on an activity device and uploading them to his Vitality points statement. At the end of that month, he’s earned 160 activity points.

This means he won’t have to contribute towards his Prime membership of £7.90 in month three, because Vitality pays it for him as a reward. In month three he pulls a muscle, which means he only earns 100 activity points. In month four he makes a £7.90 contribution towards his Prime membership. But the 100 points he earned in month three roll over to month four.

Back to full fitness in month four, Stanley easily earns the remaining 60 activity points he needs to reach 160 activity points for this month, and so gets his Prime membership reward in month five. He carries on earning 160 points a month, so he doesn’t make any further contributions towards his Prime membership for this year. Having stayed active and earned Prime rewards, Stanley renews his Prime membership with Vitality.
To earn activity points, you’ll need to track your healthy habits. This could be anything from going for a run, to a full blown HITT workout.

Yes. You’ll need to:

  • Take out a 12-month interest-free loan to the value of your Prime membership, with etika Finance Limited UK, and;
  • Pass a credit check and agree to the consumer credit agreement at 0% APR and;
  • Set up a variable monthly direct debit of between £0 and £7.90 for 12 months.
Yes, read our Amazon Prime terms and conditions.

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Get active. Get rewarded.

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