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Amazon Prime membership with Vitality

How do I get rewarded?

If you have an existing Amazon Prime membership through Vitality, you can track your activity and earn 160 points a month.

Earn a contribution towards Prime

If you earn fewer than 160 activity points in one month, you’ll make a contribution of £7.90 towards your Prime membership for the next month – but the points you’ve earned will roll over. In months when you earn more than 160 activity points, you’ll pay £0 in the next month and any extra points will also roll over.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find my unique Prime membership code?

You’ll find your unique Prime membership code on your dashboard in Member Zone.

Will I be able to use my unique Prime membership code straight away?

If you signed up before 15 January 2024, you can reveal and use your unique Prime membership code straight away. However, if you do, you’ll give up the right to your Prime 14-day, cooling-off period. Alternatively, you can wait 14 days to reveal and use your code.