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How to apply for Amazon Prime membership with Vitality

Find out how you can get Prime membership with Vitality

What is Prime?

It’s an annual membership that lets you send, stream, shop, read and more:

  • Fast delivery on millions of items
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of films and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Unlimited access to a growing selection of over 2 million songs with Prime Music
  • Early access to Lightning Deals on with Prime Early Access
  • Secure unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • The ability to share selected Prime benefits with other members of the household with Amazon Household
  • Unlimited reading on any device including thousands of books, magazines and more with Prime Reading.

Do it all at

You’ll need to pass a credit check and agree to a 12-month online consumer credit agreement (0% APR) with etika Finance UK ltd.

How do I get rewarded?

  • Join Vitality and get set up with Prime
  • Track your activity and earn 160 points a month

Earn a contribution towards Prime

If you earn fewer than 160 activity points in one month, you’ll make a contribution of £7.90 towards your Prime membership for the next month – but the points you’ve earned will roll over. In months when you earn more than 160 activity points, you’ll pay £0 in the next month and any extra points will also roll over.

How does the Prime membership with Vitality Active Rewards benefit work?

When you apply, you’ll take out a 12-month interest-free credit agreement to the value of your Prime membership, with our finance partner, etika Finance UK ltd. If you pass a credit check, you’ll receive a unique Prime membership code in your Vitality Member Zone account and your 14-day cooling-off period will begin. This cooling off period is valid for both your membership and your loan agreement.

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Will I pass the credit check?

This is offered on a 0% APR credit agreement with etika Finance UK Ltd. When you apply you’ll set up an account with etika Finance UK Ltd.

Your eligibility to get this benefit will therefore depend on the decision to approve your credit.

If you’d like to know more about applying for credit, please visit etika Finance UK Ltd.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I'm already a Prime member?

We recommend you turn off auto-renewal in your account, and apply for Prime membership through Vitality when your current membership is within 21 days of expiring.

How do I apply for the Prime membership through Vitality Active Rewards benefit?

You can do this on the Vitality Member app. When you apply, you’ll need to take out a 12-month interest-free credit agreement to the value of your Prime membership, with our finance partner etika, and pass a credit check.

What happens if I accidentally close the window during the credit application process?

If you accidentally close the window during the application process, your information will be saved for 48 hours, so you can go back and continue your application. If you leave it longer than 48 hours, you’ll need to start your application again. To start again, select the ‘Apply for Amazon Prime’ button on the Amazon Prime page in Member Zone. Your application won’t be processed until you’ve fully completed your application. 

Where can I find my unique Prime membership code?

You’ll find your unique Prime membership code on your dashboard in Member Zone.

Will I be able to use my unique Prime membership code straight away?

Yes, you can reveal and use your unique Prime membership code straight away, however, if you do, you’ll give up the right to your Prime 14-day, cooling-off period. Alternatively, you can wait 14 days to reveal and use your code.