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The Consultant Panel

Gives you treatment based on care, not cost

Our Consultant Panel – included in Core Cover - pick the right expert for you.

Our Panel are formed by Alliance Health Group, the biggest national group of UK consultants in private practice, all reviewed and audited by their peers. They also undergo customer satisfaction assessments, so you can be sure of getting the highest standards of care.

All new Personal Healthcare plans with Consultant Select from 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020 inclusive will automatically include Vitality Mental Health Cover at no additional cost.

In addition to Core Cover - access to the Vitality Programme and Vitality Healthy Mind, and eight Talking Therapies sessions (for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – Consultant Select members will receive further Mental Health Cover with up to 28 days of in-patient or day-patient treatment, full cover for Talking Therapies, and a separate £1,500 out-patient limit.

*Terms and conditions apply. If getting a quote online, please ensure you have included Consultant Select in order to qualify for this offer. 



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The advantages of our Consultant Panel

  • You get a consultant based on your specific needs, symptoms and medical history.
  • If your consultant says you need further treatment, our panel fully manage your claim – there’s no need to contact us for authorisation.
  • We pay your consultant directly and in full – there are no fee shortfalls with us.

Easy to access

  • Submit your claim online or over the phone
  • Use our free Vitality GP app to book a private video consultation. If your Vitality GP thinks you need more treatment, they contact the Consultant Panel.
  • The Consultant Panel looks at your symptoms and medical history and then recommends a consultant based on their expertise for your needs. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions we have answered for our members

Can I contact the panel directly?

If a Vitality GP says that you need to see a consultant, they’ll complete a referral to be reviewed by the Consultant Panel. If you submit a claim by phone or online, we’ll pass your information on to an Alliance Health Group advisor who’ll deal with the panel to review your symptoms and arrange a referral.
Alliance Health Group will call you shortly after with the names of your recommended consultants, to discuss appointment times and confirm any other important information with you.

The Consultant Panel will manage your claim while you’re under the care of their recommended consultant, so you can focus on your recovery. If we need to discuss your claim or any aspect of your cover, we’ll contact you.

How qualified are the consultants on the panel?

All Alliance Health Group consultants are acknowledged experts in their fields, working across 65 specialisms and 34 sub-specialisms of medicine. They’ve also been reviewed and recommended by other consultants. If you’re referred to our Consultant Panel, Alliance Health Group will call to offer you a choice of consultants. They’ll also tell you about their experience and specialism.

How quickly can I access care?

Whether you’re referred by a Vitality GP, submit a claim online or over the phone, an Alliance Health Group advisor will receive your details as soon as your claim has been approved. They’ll usually contact you the next working day or sooner.

Can I ask for a specific consultant?

If you have a consultant in mind, let Alliance Health Group  know when they contact you. They’ll be able to confirm if they form part of the panel, as well as recommend other consultants based on your needs, symptoms and medical history.

What if the consultant I want to see isn't part of the Consultant Panel?

You’ll need to contact us to check your chosen consultant is recognised by us and to get your claim approved. You’ll need to contact us again if your consultant says you need any further treatment which we haven’t already approved.

What information do you share with Alliance Health Group?

Alliance Health Group have access to the information provided by you or the Vitality GP when you make the claim, as well as details of the benefits and any limits that apply to your plan.

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Important information

Consultant Select Mental Health Offer 

This Consultant Select Offer (defined at paragraph 1 below) is open to all individuals purchasing a new VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare Insurance plan and all employers purchasing a new VitalityHealth Business Healthcare Insurance plan, who:
a) Comply with these terms and conditions; and
b) Have not held a Personal Healthcare plan or Business Healthcare plan with VitalityHealth in the last 6 months.

1. The offer provides Vitality’s Mental Health Cover option at no additional cost for members who are covered by the Consultant Select treatment option (the “Consultant Select Offer” and references to “this offer” in these terms and conditions shall be to the Consultant Select Offer).

2. For Personal Healthcare members, this offer is valid for plans with a start date between 01/01/2020 and 30/09/2020 inclusive.

3. For Business Healthcare members, this offer is valid for plans with a start date between 01/02/2020 and 30/09/2020 inclusive.

4. Quotes are available for both Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plans from 01/12/2019.

5. For new Personal Healthcare plans, customers must select the Mental Health Cover option when generating an online quote.

6. For new Business Healthcare plans, customers must request a call back where a quote including the Consultant Select Offer will be provided by an adviser on request.

7. The included Mental Health Cover benefit applies for the life of the plan, provided that the member continues to be covered by the Consultant Select treatment option.

8. For Personal Healthcare, members added to the respective plan as dependants will also have the Mental Health Cover option automatically included for the time they remain on the plan and are covered under the Consultant Select treatment option.

9. For Business Healthcare schemes, any new principal members or dependants that are added to the plan after the plan start date, will have Mental Health Cover automatically included for the time they remain on the plan and are covered under Consultant Select.

10. This offer is subject to standard underwriting procedures, which may mean that some mental health conditions will not be eligible for cover immediately, and some may not be covered at all.

11. Where a claim is made under the Mental Health Cover option, this will be included in the claims experience for the purpose of calculating the premium increase at renewal.

12. If the treatment option is later changed to be something other than Consultant Select, the Mental Health Cover option will immediately begin to be charged for.    

13. This offer is not available to Corporate Healthcare clients. 

14. VitalityHealth reserves the right to withdraw this offer at its discretion.

15. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.