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Drive well. Get Good Driving rewards.

1. Understand your driving
2. Drive well
3. Get rewarded

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Sharing the benefits of good driving, with you

We like to celebrate and reward good driving. So, when you drive well, we give you the power to earn a weekly reward and control your costs. You can get rewarded for car-free days too.

When you buy a car insurance plan, we’ll share the benefits of good driving with you. Here's how it works:

  • Understand your driving – download and link the Vitality Member app to your Good Driving sensor. Then attach your sensor in your car to measure your trips.
  • Drive well – use the app and sensor to earn Vitality points and see where you can improve your driving. The better you drive, the more points you can earn.
  • Get rewarded – earn monthly cashback, a weekly reward and build a Good Driving status to lower your excess by up to £250 in the event of a claim.

Log into Member Zone to learn about your Good Driving Programme. You can also sign up to your weekly Caffè Nero reward.

Understand and improve your driving

When you become a Good Driving member, we’ll send you a Good Driving sensor. It’ll measure the following driving behaviours:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Distracted driving, and
  • Speeding.

Once linked to the Vitality Member app, you’ll be able to understand your driving performance.

For each trip you make your driving behaviours will show as green, amber or red. Amber or red will show if you’ve had at least one driving event, for example, if there was sudden acceleration or braking. That includes any named drivers on your plan. Their driving will also contribute towards your points and rewards.

Rest assured; your premium will never go up mid-term due to your driving.

Drive well

If you drive well, you can earn up to six daily points. Drive well most days, or leave the car at home, and you could earn up to 40 weekly points.

Now you can get up to 25% cashback every month for good driving

Get money back every month, based on your premium, when you drive well or have car-free days. To celebrate the launch, we'll guarantee your 25% cashback every month until 30 June 2022 (terms apply).

The cashback is based on your core insurance premium. Excluding optional extras and interest charges. To get the guaranteed cashback you must record a trip in each month of special offer period. Qualifying criteria apply, read full terms and conditions.

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Get a weekly reward

Once you earn 32 points in a week for driving well, you can get a handcrafted drink or innocent smoothie from Caffè Nero, plus discount on food. Terms apply.
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Status-linked excess

Status-linked excess reduction

The better you drive, the more points you can earn towards your Good Driving status. When you improve your Good Driving status, you can reduce your excess by up to £250 in the event of a claim. Terms apply.

Good Driving status Excess reduction
Bronze status
0 to 999 points
Silver status
1,000 to 1,399 points
Gold status
1,400 to 1,799 points
Platinum status
1,800+ points

Get rewarded for making greener choices 

When you earn Vitality points for driving well, we'll offset up to 100% of your carbon emissions. Achieve your full daily points to earn carbon neutral days.

And on the days you choose not to drive, we’ll help you with points towards your weekly, monthly and status-linked rewards, by giving you maximum six Good Driving points, for each car-free day.

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Good Driving FAQs

Until 30 June 2022 you can get 25% cashback guaranteed.

After this date, you can earn up to 25% cashback on your monthly premium, when you drive well.

Find out more about how cashback works.

Status-linked excess:

  • We'll use your Good Driving status at the date of the event that led to the claim, to work out what excess, if any, is applicable.
  • It's your responsibility - and is in your best interests – to ensure your points are up to date in the Vitality Member app to ensure you get the maximum benefit.
  • The reduction is applied to your total excess payable, which includes any compulsory and voluntary excesses. We'll also apply a £0 excess if your status-linked excess reduction exceeds your total plan excess, in the event of a claim.
  • The reward applies to each and every claim where you are liable to pay an excess. This does not include windscreen claims and claims where the excess can be claimed back from a third party.
Visit our guide to linking the Good Driving sensor to the Vitality Member app, including further details on enabling your phone settings to ensure we can reward your good driving.
We don’t charge any extra for the Good Driving sensor. We’ll pop it in the post to you when you buy a car insurance plan with us.
You'll be insured with our Defaqto 5-Star rated cover without using the sensor and app. By not using the sensor and app you won't be able to earn the rewards detailed on this page.

In addition to the rewards the sensor includes a useful Crash Detection alert that can get you help in an accident, should you need it.
Once you’re set up, we’ll get your named drivers set up too, so that you don’t miss out on rewards when they’re driving. They’ll need to download the Vitality Member app on their phone.

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