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Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about getting an Apple Watch through Vitality.

Getting started

How do I get an Apple Watch through Vitality?

Before you can get an Apple Watch through Vitality, you need a Vitality health insurance plan, or a Vitality life insurance plan with Vitality Plus, Vitality Optimiser or Wellness Optimiser for an additional monthly fee.

Once you’ve joined Vitality, register on the Member Zone at Then visit the Apple Watch page in the ‘partners and rewards’ section. Follow the instructions to order your Apple Watch from there.

Which Apple Watch models can I buy through Vitality?

You can buy selected Apple Watch Series 3 GPS or Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 GPS models through Vitality. See the full list below.

aw gps
aw nike

GPS + Cellular models are excluded from this offer.

Details correct as of November 2017. £0 initial upfront payment offer on Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm or Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 GPS 38mm ends 31st December 2017. After this it will return to £29.

Do I need an iPhone to use Apple Watch?

Yes, you’ll need an iPhone 5S or later model running iOS 11 or above to use Apple Watch Series 3.

To use the GPS + Cellular model you'll need an iPhone 6 or above running iOS 11 or above, a mobile phone contract with EE for your iPhone and a separate data plan for your Apple Watch also with EE. 

Will my Apple Watch automatically link to Vitality? Can I buy more than one Apple Watch through Vitality at a time?
No, you can only buy one Apple Watch through Vitality at a time. Once you’ve made your final Direct Debit payment on the first watch, you’ll be able to buy another Apple Watch through Vitality.

Earning Vitality Activity Points

What activities can I track with Apple Watch to earn Vitality activity points?
You can use Apple Watch to track your steps and heart rate. Take a look at our Guide to Apple Watch and Vitality that shows you how track your steps and heart rate workouts and sync your workout data with the Vitality Member app to earn Vitality activity points.
Where can I see my Vitality activity points?
You can see how many activity points you’ve earned on your Vitality points statement on our Member Zone. Once you’re eligible to start earning Vitality contributions towards your variable Direct Debit, you'll also be able to track your activity points on the sidebar on the Apple Watch page.
Do I have to get an Apple Watch through Vitality to earn Vitality activity points using Apple Watch?
No, if you own another Apple Watch you can connect it to Vitality and use that to earn activity points instead. However you’ll only be able to earn Vitality contributions towards your monthly Direct Debit on an Apple Watch purchased through the Vitality Member Zone.

Orders and returns

How much will my initial upfront payment be?

Your initial upfront payment will vary depending on the case size, finish and strap that you choose.

For example, Apple Watch Series 3 starts at £329 so you’ll make an initial upfront payment of £29 followed by 24 payments of between £0 and £12.50. If you choose a more expensive Apple Watch the initial payment will be higher, however the Vitality contributions you can earn will stay the same.

Do I get AppleCare+ if I by Apple Watch through Vitality?
No, however, you can buy AppleCare+ directly from Apple. Please note, AppleCare+ benefits are separate from a consumer’s right to a free-of-charge repair or replacement, by the seller, of goods that do not conform with the contract of sale.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
We’d encourage you to visit the Apple Store first to try on different models and find your preferred design before buying one through Vitality. However, you can cancel your Apple Watch benefit and receive a full refund for your initial upfront payment at any time during your 14 day cooling off period, which begins on the day your Apple Watch is despatched. You can find more details on this and how to return your Apple Watch on the Member Zone.

Monthly Direct Debit payments

How much will my Direct Debit be each month?

You’ll set up a variable Direct Debit for up to £12.50 each month for 24 months. By earning Vitality activity points, you can reduce your monthly payments to as little as £0.

Apple watch activity tracking table

How will I know what my payment will be each month?
You’ll be able to track the amount we will contribute to your payment on the Member Zone, or by using the Vitality Member app.
When will my first payment be collected?
Your first payment will be collected on the 1st of the month that occurs at least three months after your Apple Watch has been despatched. For example, if your Apple Watch is despatched on 15th January, your first payment would be collected on 1st May.
Is my credit agreement interest free?
Yes, you’ll enter into a 0%APR credit agreement for the value of the Apple Watch, minus the initial upfront payment. Your credit agreement will be with PayBreak, the lender for this offer.
Can I pay back the loan amount early?
Yes you can pay your loan amount with PayBreak early. However, that will mean your Direct Debit is cancelled and you won't be eligible for any more Vitality contributions. You also won’t be able to buy a further Apple Watch until the last planned payment date for the original Apple Watch has passed. You can view your account balance and payments to date by visiting the PayBreak website.
What happens if I cancel my Vitality plan?
If you cancel your plan, your credit agreement for Apple Watch will continue, but we’ll no longer make any further Vitality contributions to your payments.
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