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Up to 50% off with Nuffield Health Gyms

If you buy a qualifying plan you can get up to 50% off a monthly Nuffield Health membership. A joining fee will apply.

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Experience a gym built around you, with Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health Gyms offer a wide range of wellbeing services, all under one roof. So you get the most out of being a member.
If you buy a qualifying plan, you could get up to 50% off a monthly gym membership*. A joining fee will apply.

And, if you track your activity with a fitness device, you can earn points towards other Active Rewards

Full terms and conditions will be available in Member Zone once you become a Vitality member.
*Vitality members are only eligible for a discount with one Vitality gym partner at any time, or you can select the Peloton benefit.
Nuffield Health

The Nuffield Health Gyms difference

Nuffield Health Gyms are more than a gym. They also have a full range of in-gym services and facilities

You’ll be able to use Physiotherapists, Nutritional Therapists, Health Mentors and Physiologists. That’s on top of gym services, such as swimming lessons and personal training.

These friendly wellbeing experts will give you the best experience. Everyone is welcome.

Looking for health insurance?

Call us on 0808 273 2371

Award-winning health insurance from as little as £1.45 per day*
Lines open:
Monday to Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday and bank holidays: Closed

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*Price is based on a 35-year-old living in Peterborough, plan starting 01.02.2024, with Consultant Select hospital option, Full Medical Underwriting, plan excess of £250, and £500 Out-patient benefit. Includes Insurance Premium Tax

Looking for life insurance?

Call us on 0808 159 2053
Award-winning cover and rewards from £5 a month**.
Lines open:
Monday to Thursday: 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday and bank holidays: Closed

**Charged on a monthly basis.

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Nuffield Health Gyms FAQs

You’ll qualify for a Nuffield Health Gyms discount if:
  • you have one of the following Vitality plans, and
  • you haven’t opted for the Peloton hardware reward.
50% off discount
Health insurance
Any private health insurance plan.

Business health insurance
Any small business health insurance plan.
Any corporate health insurance plan  or trust scheme administered by VitalityHealth with Vitality Plus benefits.

Life insurance with Vitality Plus
To get Vitality Plus:
1) Buy life insurance and add on Optimiser
2) Have a monthly premium of at least £45 for a single plan, or at least £60 for a joint plan
3) Pay a monthly fee of £4.75.

40% off discount

Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by VitalityHealth, with Vitality Select benefits.

Life Insurance with Vitality Select
When you have a minimum monthly premium of £25.

Workplace Wellbeing
Any Vitality at Work plan.
If you join Nuffield Health Gyms during a ‘no joining fee’ offer, you won’t pay a joining fee. At any other time, the joining fee for new gym members is up to £39.
The Vitality discount applies to the rolling monthly membership. You’ll need to give a full calendar month’s notice if you want to cancel your existing membership.
If you’re already a member at one of the gyms, you can switch your membership over to get the discount. A transfer fee will apply.

You'll need to transfer your gym membership by the 15th of any month. Your new Vitality discounted membership will apply from the following month.

Yes, you will gain access to your home gym (the one you select on joining) as well as other gyms around the country. Access to other gyms will vary depending on the gym you join.

You also have to use your home gym at least 50% of the time to be able to access other gyms in the Nuffield Heath Gyms network.

Find out which gyms you have access to using Nuffield Health’s tool.

Please note, if you have joined on a ‘Centre Only’ membership, then you will not be able to access multiple gyms.

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