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Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality American Express® Credit Card

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they’ll earn cashback at the same great rates that you do, which will be applied to your Account.
Yes, they’ll earn cashback booster at the same great rates that you do, which will be applied to your Account. 
There’s no limit to the amount of American Express cashback you can earn. As long as you spend a minimum of £3,000 in your Card membership year, every full £1 you spend on purchases qualifies for cashback. 

Yes, you can earn the Vitality cashback booster on the first £1,000 of purchases each month, after this amount you will no longer earn the cashback booster but will continue to earn American Express cashback. You’ll earn no Vitality cashback booster on purchases under £4 when your rate is 0.25%.

Cashback will be paid to you by crediting your Credit Card Account. The total amount of cashback received will be what you have earned in the previous 12 months. You'll receive your cashback in the thirteenth month after your Credit Card anniversary date. Your anniversary date is usually the date you opened your Credit Card Account. To be eligible, you simply need to make purchases of at least £3,000 within your Card membership year.
You can view your American Express cashback rates and qualifying transactions, as well as your Vitality cashback booster rates, by logging into American Express online. 

You can also track your Vitality cashback booster earn rates on a monthly basis in the Member Zone.
You'll earn American Express cashback for purchases: 0.5% for the first £5,000 of purchases in the preceding 12 months; and 1% on purchases over £5,000 in the preceding 12 months. Except for purchases made at warehouse retailers in the United Kingdom where you will earn American Express cashback at the rate of 0.5%. American Express cashback is calculated on the amount of the purchase and then rounded up or down to the nearest full penny. You must have made purchases on your Card Account of at least £3,000 within the Card membership year applicable to your Card Account to be eligible to receive your cashback.
We calculate your Vitality cashback booster based on how many eligible Vitality plans you have and how many Vitality activity points you earn each month, using a Vitality-compatible device. Each month’s cashback booster rate is based on the activity points earned two months previously. So you won’t earn Vitality cashback booster until the start of the third calendar month after you activate the benefit with Vitality. You can earn Vitality cashback booster on the first £1,000 of purchases each month. You’ll earn no cashback on purchases under £4, when your rate is 0.25%.
Yes, Vitality accept American Express for all transactions where you can use credit cards.
Start by taking a look at our support guide. You can also:

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Send us a secure email in the Member Zone 
Call us on 0345 602 3523 Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm, Saturday: 9am – 1pm

We’ll set your cashback for a calendar month based on the monthly points you earned two months prior. Please make sure your points are fully uploaded before the start of the cashback month to ensure they’re recognised. We recommend that you synchronise your points daily.

For now, the following partners accept American Express:

Apple Watch
Runners Need
 Caffè Nero
• Waitrose & Partners
Mr & Mrs Smith