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Vitality launches Smart Transfer Service and enhances client review reports

1 February 2022
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Vitality launches Smart Transfer Service and enhances client review reports 

1 February 2022

Vitality has strengthened its Invest proposition with the launch of a new transfer service designed to simplify the consolidation process and enhanced client review reports as part of its Interactive Statements feature. 

The VitalityInvest Smart Transfer Service aims to make it easier for advisers to consolidate their client’s assets, reducing the amount of time and effort spent transferring between providers. The new service, which launches today, provides advisers with: 

On-going support in the form of their own relationship manager, to guide them through every aspect of the transfer process 
Pre-transfer checks in the form of a three-step process. This includes automatically detecting Origo transfers to speed up the process and minimise paperwork, reviewing documents to check if anything is missing or incorrect and pre-populating forms with the details that the adviser supplies. 
On-going transfer checking and regular liaison with the ceding scheme to help advisers transfer assets in a time-efficient manner 
Automatic updates on any milestones up until completion 
Expert support should advisers have technical queries, as well as access to a wide range of content on the Technical Hub. 

From next month, Vitality will also be building on its existing interactive statement functionality to make it even easier for advisers to provide a clearer, more personalised review service. This enhancement equips advisers with everything they need to create a detailed and personalised review from creating a co-branded report, providing detailed information on their clients’ portfolio, charges or transaction history to customising the content to suit their clients’ needs.  

Justin Taurog, Managing Director, VitalityInvest, said: “Over the last few years, we have seen increased demand and need for consolidation, which we realise can be a real pain point for both advisers and clients.  

“This is why we want to take a leading role in transforming processes to ensure they are fit for the future. By enhancing our proposition, we hope to provide a solution to a previously difficult process, making transfers simple and effortless. Introducing new features to our Interactive Statements will also help advisers provide a more tailored review report, unlocking yet even more value.” 

These initiatives, designed to streamline the transfer process, are in addition to a limited-time offer launched last month, which will see annual product charges of just 0.15% or less when clients invest in Vitality funds, with a charge cap on amounts above £200,000.